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A letter to our community:


Dear All,


We want to be transparent and let you know that Jumping Mouse is experiencing significant growing pains.  In a post pandemic climate, we are struggling to meet the financial needs necessary to provide long-term therapy for our community's children.  We also have a number of therapists moving on to new adventures.  As a small organization, we feel these losses deeply.  For now, we need to focus on the kids we are currently seeing, as we stabilize and search for new team members.

We appreciate your support,


Jumping Mouse

COVID Considerations: We currently follow Jefferson County Public Health guidelines for our safety policy. 

Who we are

"At Jumping Mouse, we have two important tasks: first and foremost is to travel with our children toward healing; second, we strive to knit together a healthier community that holds each child in its big heart.”
— Dott Kelly, Founder

Our Mission: Jumping Mouse transforms children’s lives by providing expressive mental health therapy for as long as necessary. We nurture each child’s healthy development and supportive relationships at home and in the community.

We see children ages three to twelve for a variety of reasons, most often when they have experienced emotional stress or trauma that has deeply affected them and their families. Some are grieving the loss of someone close to them; others have experienced domestic violence, abuse, or neglect. Sometimes, they are coping with changes in family structure, or a serious illness or medical problem. When these and other stressors affect a child’s ability to communicate, to attend school, or to relate to others, Jumping Mouse can help.

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Transforming lives through expressive mental health therapy!

How our therapy model works

Children's Mental Health Therapy

Jumping Mouse helps children heal through expressive mental health therapy. We support the child’s healthy development for as long as it takes. We see children aged three to twelve for a variety of reasons, most often when they have experienced emotional stress or trauma that has deeply affected them and their families.

Our unique model includes weekly one-on-one therapy sessions between the child and a specially trained therapist for as many weeks as necessary. While their child is in therapy, parents and caregivers also receive ongoing support. In addition, we meet with teachers and other important adults in the child’s life to develop a strong support system for the child and her family.

School and Educator Support

Jumping Mouse therapists have always met and consulted with our children’s teachers to help them understand the child’s needs. We serve as a resource on the impact of trauma in child development, and we offer problem-solving tools for teachers on an ongoing basis. We offer support to educators and school staff in the Brinnon School District, at Chimacum Creek Primary, Chimacum Elementary School and Salish Coast Elementary. We look forward to working together for a safe and compassionate school environment where all children can thrive.

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