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If you are seeking information about accessing care, it is helpful to know the following:​

  • We currently only serve children who live in east Jefferson County, Washington. 

  • We only enroll children between the ages of 3 to 12 in our core program.

  • No payment is required to receive services. Insurance and family cost shares are appreciated when applicable. 

Dear Families,


We regret to inform you that our service/intake form is temporarily closed.  As we noted on our Home Page, we have a number of therapists leaving Jumping Mouse and we are in the process of recruiting new therapists.  In the meantime, we are focusing on the kids we are currently seeing and prioritizing any transfers.  We know that this is difficult and we encourage you to call us if you have any questions and we can also point you to other community resources.  As soon as we have stabilized and found new team members, we will inform you and open the intake forms again.


Thanks for your understanding,


Jumping Mouse Team

Community Resources: 

  • Discovery Behavioral Health  (360) 385-0321

  • YMCA Family Resource Center   (360) 565-6025

  •  (800) 932-4673    Our programs are designed to help parents and caregivers from when they’re preparing for their first newborn to when they’re dealing with the ongoing challenges of raising a family. We have learning and support programs for children and teens, too. We believe that families deserve support from “conception to college.”

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