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about us

We see children from all different types of families and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or ability.

Our unique model

Our unique model includes weekly one-on-one therapy sessions between the child and a specially trained therapist for as many weeks as necessary. While their child is in therapy, parents and caregivers also receive ongoing support. In addition, we meet with teachers and other important adults in the child’s life to develop a strong support system for the child and their family.


Our name

The name Jumping Mouse was inspired by a legend of a small creature who dreams of a new way of life. Compassionate and courageous, the young mouse journeys to unfamiliar places and faces many terrifying challenges. Along the way, a magic frog gives him the gift of strong hind legs and the new name, “Jumping Mouse.” Throughout his journey, he befriends other creatures who help him as he discovers his strengths and his spirit. In the end, he is transformed into a magnificent soaring eagle.

This myth is a metaphor for the journey undertaken by a child at Jumping Mouse. Though they may face frightening experiences and emotions, through therapy they learn to trust their own inner strength and resilience. As they heal, they realize their ability to meet the challenges of daily life and relate positively to the world around them.

“Only way is, you have to face your fears. You must fly into the darkest cave, and you will see that still there is some light.”
– Katie, a five-year-old at Jumping Mouse


  • Brenda Davis, Operations & Events Manager, pronouns: she/her

  • Candy Carter, Data and Finance Director (Remote), pronouns: she/her

  • Ellen Emmenegger, Therapist

  • Gabrielle Vanwert, Development Director, pronouns: she/they

  • Mace Mooney, LMHCA, Therapist, pronouns: they/them

  • Mel Rose, PsyD., LICSW, Executive Director/Clinic Director

  • Sarah Scagliotti, LMHCA, Therapist, pronouns: she/her

  • Selena Sena-Hopkins, LMHC, Therapist & Clinical Supervisor Trainee

  • Steve Roe, LMHC, Therapist

Our board

  • Mary Sepler, President, Elementary School Principal, retired, she/her

  • Phyllis Sawyer Kaplan, MD, retired pathologist, Vice President, She/her

  • Sasha Marshall, Treasurer, she/her

  • Ron Dionne, MD, Secretary

  • Brandon Jackson

  • Carla Caldwell

  • Dave Eekoff, he/his

  • Molly Hong, MD FAAFP, she/her

  • Paul Heins, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, he/his

  • Russ Yates, Head of School, Swan School, retired, he/his

  • Trish Beathard, Superintendent, Brinnon School District  

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